Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park

Long Walk to Water Audiobook (accessible by RTMS students only)
NOTE: When you click "Play", a pop-up will say there was an error. Click "Download" and then "Download Anyway". Then play the file from your computer's download folder.

This is one long audio track. Below are the times each of the chapters begin:

Ch1- 00:00:00
Ch2- 00:09:17
Ch3- 00:16:48
Ch4- 00:25:18
Ch5- 00:32:47
Ch6- 00:41:24
Ch7- 00:48:53
Ch8- 00:57:10
Ch9- 01:05:30
Ch10- 01:12:52
Ch11- 01:21:50
Ch12- 01:29:34
Ch13- 01:37:09
Ch14- 01:46:31
Ch15- 01:56:25
Ch16- 02:07:00
Ch17- 02:15:29
Ch18- 02:26:17