Chapter 11

Elephant bulls leave their mothers and the rest of the cow herd at around twelve years of age and wander solo.

Pre-reading discussion:
1. What other types of animals do you know who eventually leave their family or community to make a life of their own?
2. Do you believe it is more beneficial for humans to stay within their family unit and community or to branch out into other communities/provinces/countries? Support your answer with evidence.

Inside the Jesup Memorial Library

Lydia, the elephant in the York Wild Animal Park, Maine.

Curley Middle School -- Jack's school back in Boston

Post-reading discussion:
1. Do you think Jack was stealing food from Mrs. Olson when he took the cereal bars he picked up at the Pantry? Why or why not?
2. Why do you think Mrs. Olson didn't answer her door when Jack delivered her food?