FOR Twitter help

When do I tweet?
  • Before reading
  • During reading
  • After reading
  • Respond to peers' tweets
What do I tweet?

Connections (self, text, world)

@lornasn Anna feels pressure to succeed like I did in high school. #rtmsFOR

@karenbassYA Erich's experience reminds me of the Japanese internment camps in WWII. #rtmsFOR

Opinions about writing style, content and characters

@DebEllisAuthor I loved experiencing a cat's thoughts and attitudes through a teenager! #rtmsFOR

@lornasn In a car, Harrison bounces around like a ball in a pinball machine. #rtmsFOR

Predictions for a follow-up novel or before you start reading

@lornasn Can you write about a Harrison/Anna reunion in ten years, please? #rtmsFOR

Pie-in-the-sky thoughts

@DebEllisAuthor I can totally see @AnnaKendrick47 playing the cat! #rtmsFOR

Success Criteria

Your tweet should include most or all of the following:

    image  (i.e. book cover, actor who might play one of the characters, an image related to the content/theme of the book)
    hashtag (#rtmsFOR)
    send your tweet to the author (i.e. @DebEllisAuthor)
    interesting, expressive vocabulary
    specific comments/opinions (not just, "It's so great!")

Twitter Help Videos
**you must be on a computer outside of the school!!!
**talk to your parents and see if you can use their cell # for verification. They should be with you when setting up your account