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Parents' Book Club

In the 2015/16 school year, we started a book club just for parents of students at RTMS! We are a Learning Commons, after all. This space belongs not only to our students but our community as well. So consider joining our book club and you can read and discuss books, meet people in your neighbourhood and be a part of the RTMS community.

We started the year reading "small as an elephant" by Jennifer Richard Jacobson. This book just happens to be our school novel for the 2014/15 year, that speaks to our school theme of "Healthy Minds". Thanks to Luciana, Sima, Cheryl and Muniza for your insights and enthusiasm -- we had some wonderful discussions (not to mention the refreshing coffee and yummy treats)!

We just finished discussing the novel "Wonder" by R.J. Palacio. Every class at RTMS read this novel last year and students and staff all agreed it was one of the most enjoyable and moving novels they have read. We had many conversations (and laughs) about a wide range of topics --- why don't you join us next time?

Fill out this form if you would like to reserve your spot (spring 2015)
email me ( to get more information about the Book Club.

Ann Shisko