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Reading Marathon

The 5th Annual RTMS Reading Marathon is starting this month. To support our school wide theme of "Connect", we will be reading and sharing non-fiction articles this year. It is our goal to connect our learning to the world around us 

Students and teachers will make a personal goal about the number of non-fiction articles they plan on reading by the December holidays and then they....READ! Progress is tracked in homeroom classes and students are encouraged to share their reading experiences with their peers.

Happy Reading, RTMS!

Reading Marathon Kick-off - Newspaper articles

Remember:  Start in pencil! Use those rulers! 

Google Docs Video

LL Motivation strategies!

  • Encouraging words
  • Talk personally to classmates
  • Talk up the reading abilities of your classmates
  • Review times during the day when classmates can choose to read instead of other activities
  • Break up the # of books goal into page chunks
  • encourage choosing books and types of books they enjoy
  • link book choices to movies
  • recommend books based on interests (30-second book talks?)
  • offer prize when peers reach their goal
  • friendly challenges between peers to set goals and reach goals